Friday, August 8, 2014

How to stay fit on Summer Vacation

This post was inspired by "Hotel Hike"

With exercises intended to build the same muscles you would target on an actual hike, be prepared to walk up a whole lot of stairs during the 60-minute Indoor Hike at Aria at CityCenter. Escalators are off limits! On the hike, your instructor will lead you through the mammoth hotel past art installations, restaurants, bars, stores, a theater, convention area, casino and tons of Starbucks. You may even venture into some of the outdoor spaces at CityCenter, through Crystals (and yes, another Starbucks) and past the unique water features at the Aria porte- cochère. The hike starts at the Spa at Aria fitness center where you receive a shoulder bag (to return at the end of class) with a bottle of water, hand weights and a yoga mat."

Summer season is here and so many of us are going on VACATION! We are enjoying the beach, Vegas, cruises, and so much more! The one question Boot Camp Moms is always asked is "How do I stay on track while on vacation?" When you are going on vacation we want you to relax, have fun, and enjoy your time off but you still have to get your sweat on and plan ahead. Don't let all of your hard work before your trip become derailed. Boot Camp Moms knows it can be challenging to stay fit while being away and eating out along with a few (okay maybe alot) of adult beverages.

 Step 1. Get snacks and healthy breakfast options for your room, stop at the store and buy bananas, apples, almonds, some protein bars etc. Try to eat breakfast and lunch as normal as possible, if eating out take advantage of the hotel breakfasts. They always have fruit, oatmeal, and usually omlet stations, choose an egg white omlet with tons of veggies and fruit. This is a great way to start your day! For lunch eat sensible as well, opt of a salad with dressing on the side, if eating at a bufftet hit the salad bar first!! Load up your plate with tons of veggies this will fill you up and then add 3 oz of a lean protein and a 1/2 of brown rice or pasta, or a healthy wrap! In addition, pack snacks this will be your secret weapon while on trips, pack your bag ahead of time with almonds and protein bars for that mid afternoon snack craving. Stay away from snacks at coffee shops and vending machines, they are usually loaded in sugar and calories and will leave you still hungry. Then when you go to dinner chose fish, chicken or filet and lots of veggies and then you can share a dessert with a friend.

 Step 2. MOVE! Workout in your hotel room with the attached video, go the the hotel gym, take the stairs, swim laps in the pool if there is one, go on a sightseeing tour with your family and friends, rent bikes and explore the city, have fun while being fit.

 Step 3. Plan alcohol accordingly. Stay away from frozen drinks, they are loaded in calories and sugar for example a Pina Colada can pack over 640 calories per 8 oz serving. Opt for light beers, wine spritzers, skinny cocktails, or two ingredient drinks (vodka and diet coke, vodka and seltzer) All of these will have around 200 calories or less! Then you will not feel so bad having 2 or 3.

 Step 4. If you go up a few pounds over vacation, it is OK. Get back on track with Boot Camp Moms as soon as your back. Life is meant to LIVE and enjoy, with these few tips you can stay on track and have a BLAST. Enjoy the moments with your family and friends and know we will be there waiting for you with a killer workout when you get back.

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