Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet Megan Sweating for Two!

Meet this months spotlight Megan! 

Megan is sweating for two and is fabulous! She is expecting her second child and cannot believe how great she feels. When she was pregnant with her first child she gained 45 lbs. Currently she is 6 months pregnant and has only gained 11 lbs! She is amazed how much more energy and how much better she feels during this pregnancy and attributes it all to continuing her exercise program with Boot Camp! Megan is the essence of Boot Camp Moms. She is committed to working out, she is consistent with her workouts and with that comes success. This hot mama always strives to do her best at every workout, while continually cheering on her fellow boot campers. We sat down and asked her a few questions and here is what she told us. What is different about this pregnancy compared to your first? I'm much more active this pregnancy than with my first one back in 2012. With my first pregnancy, I was too nervous to be active and so basically all I did was take walks every now and then. This time around, I make it to bootcamp 1-2 times a week and I'm so happy to be active! How do you feel during this pregnancy? I feel great. So far I'm over halfway through, I credit Jen and Kyle with encouraging me to keep coming and showing me modifications for workouts as the pregnancy progresses.

 What do you like about boot camp? I love the friendship,encouragement and camraderie that comes with attending bootcamp. I love seeing familiar faces week after week. :)

 What can you do now at Boot Camp that you could not when you started? I have more endurance and stamina and overall more confidence in my physical ability. I'm limited right now on some of the moves I can do due to being pregnant but overall, I'm just more more active than I ever was before I discovered bootcamp!

 How did you hear about Boot Camp? Friends in Harrington Grove that were already attending it and love it. I've been coming now since May 2013!

 What is your next goal with boot camp? My goal is to continue coming to bootcamp throughout my pregnancy to stay healthy. After baby 2 gets here in mid November, I will be back as soon as possible to work on getting in better pre-pregnancy shape! :)

 What would you tell someone who is nervous about joining boot camp? I have told so many friends to come try out bootcamp and now they are regulars. What I say is: Jen and Kyle are great motivators and they work with you to show you modifications and help you build your strength and confidence! There is a great range of ages and fitness levels at each class and everyone is so supportive - it's not a competition with each other and I love that. I look forward to each class I can attend and leave feeling motivated than ever!

 Megan, you are an amazing mom, business owner and friend we love training you and we can not wait to meet our newest recruit. xoxoxxo jen and kyle #committobefit #bootcampmoms

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