Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pushing All Boundaries

Today Boot Camp Moms celebrated our 4 year Anniversary! We cannot be more excited, humbled, blessed and beyond thankful for all of you! To celebrate we took the girls on a field trip to the Triangle Rock Club in Morrisville NC. Most of the girls have never climbed before, including us! When we got there everyone was excited, nervous and some a little scared. As the guides explained to us how to get to up and get down you could see everyone assessing just how they were going to do it. Kyle was first to climb up and propel down like she has been doing for years!! Others stood back and watched to see how the other girls did. One by one, every girl climbed all the way to the top! At first when some were at the top, they realized just how scary it was to let yourself go and propel down. What then happened was amazing....all of our girls stood at the bottom of the rock encouraging each one down. What was so interesting was everyone has such a different approach on how to coach the other girls down and it was if we were all needed at that very moment to encourage each one down. As time went on, everyone was going up and down the rock cheering for each other, laughing, doing tricks etc! Helen, one of our girls who had never climbed before and was quite nervous about it went up and down more than most of us! She is hooked and already has plans to bring her husband back on a date night! Today boundaries were pushed together while being fit and having fun! Today’s adventure shows the essence of Bootcamp Moms. Whether the challenge is rock climbing, Fitness, or anything else…the support of a group creates energy that cannot be duplicated by an individual. Today we conquered the wall, tomorrow we conquer the world together. xoxoxo jen and kyle

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