Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday is about inner Strength

Sunday is about your inner Strength. 

24 strong and amazing women were at Boot Camp yesterday. Their physical strengths are all different, but their inner strengths are all amazing. 

If you were there yesterday you witnessed Carrie push through a great work out. You would have never known that 10 months ago she could not speak well or walk in a straight line due to a brain tumor. She has the inner strength that we all need!  

Karen and Laura K are both retired and suffer from hip and back issues. At Boot Camp they don't give up and don't complain. They use their inner strength to maximize their physical strength. After class we explained that next Saturday we have a continuing education fitness class that will conflict with our normal Boot Camp time. They refused to miss their work out and asked to have a session on Friday.  These women inspire us with their inner strength.

All of our gilrs have a beautiful inner strength. Jennier and I see it every week.
Today we challege you to think about your inner strength...

Anything is possible in life when we are strong in our body, mind and spirit.
And this is why it is equally important that we work on developing our inner strength, as well as our physical strength.
Developing inner strength will allow you to continue to take care of your body regardless of what is happening in your life, or how many times you fall down.
Inner strength is the source that will continue to fuel you to keep taking care of your body when life takes an unexpected turn.

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