Thursday, January 16, 2014

Did you start the new year going to hard? Not losing weight ? Read this

The New Year came and you set goals.  It has now been two weeks and that weight is not moving . Yes, we are our worst critics. We need things to go fast , but weight it has a timeline of its own .  With so many diets and workouts we should be losing weight fast. (Wrong) ... Can we just go back to the basics? 70% is what you eat, 30% is your workouts. We need both but don't go to the extreme on both. Take things one day at a time. Find a balance diet follow it 80% of the time, give yourself a cheat day. Next find a workout routine that works for you. Two days of cardio, two days of strength training , two days of high intensity , one day to rest! Those two days of cardio don't over do it, one day can be a walk or jog. Workout smarter not longer! Those days of three hour workouts are gone ! It's just hurting your body. Don't overtrain it will only hurt you in the long run. We have had so many clients ask what they are doing wrong this New Year, we'll read this article.


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