Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meet Kristy! She is fabulous because.....

Kristy is our spotlight for November.

 In today’s world we all worry about our image. It’s become such an accepted norm to put yourself down . Women feel they must be a size 2, have the smartest kids and be the best wife. What happened to just being healthy and loving yourself for the way you are? What about time for themselves?

Our Boot Camp girls are so great, but it still breaks our hearts when we hear women putting themselves down. Whether it be for weight issues (I'm not back to pre baby weight) or breastfeeding (having to give a reason for supplementing with or completely switching to formula). We are mothers, sisters, wives, friends, ect. Why do we put ourselves in such shallow and constricted boxes?! We get lost in the daily shuffle and never make time for ourselves. Boot Camp Moms wants to start a Movement and have everyone share why they are fabulous.

We start this month with Kristy! She’s a strong and beautiful woman.

I am FABULOUS because... I've made a commitment to do something and I've stuck with it. Despite trying to balance time for my career and my children, I make taking time for myself to be fit a big priority in my life.

 What made you join boot camp? 
After having my second child, I was feeling very low on energy and not so great about my body. I heard about a group of women who were working out in the neighborhood and thought I would try out a class. I decided to join after meeting Kyle and Jen and feeling so much support from all of the women.

What is different with boot camp that has made you stay with us, as opposed to other programs?
I think there are two main reasons that I keep coming back week after week. First, the people are great. This group of women are making the same commitment with me, and they help me to have fun and push myself. Second, I really enjoy the workouts. Every workout is different and challenging.

What is your biggest accomplishment since starting boot camp? 
I think my biggest accomplishment has been my commitment. I'm a mom to two young boys and I work full time, so making exercise an absolute priority has been a big decision. I've even surprised myself with how I keep making the choice to get and stay fit.

 What could you not do, that you can now?
 So many things. I can do push-ups, and do them on my toes. I can run further and faster than I ever thought I could. I am so much stronger now than I have ever been before. At first, I could hardly make it through the whole class without taking breaks, but now I try to push myself to go harder or faster.

What do you like best about boot camp?
 My favorite part about boot camp is how it makes me feel. When I'm done, I feel like I've worked hard and improved myself. I feel like I've truly accomplished something when I'm done after every single class.

What motivates you to come to boot camp?
 In part, my progress keeps me motivated to come to boot camp. I love the way it makes me feel, how much energy I have, and how my body has changed. I'm also motivated by the community feel that boot camp offers, as if I meeting up with friends to work out together.

How much have you lost?
 I've lost almost 20 pounds, but lost so much more than weight. I've lost about 2.5 inches from my waist, and have gone down 2 pants sizes. More importantly, I've totally changed the shape of my body and how I feel in my clothes. What goal are you setting for yourself with boot camp? While I have an overall weight loss goal, the biggest thing that I'd like to commit to is maintaining what I've lost. I don't want to go back to where I was and I want to continue to improve my strength.

 Kristy you are an inspiration to women. Keep up the great work!

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