Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boot Camp Moms committed beyond being fit. For a community to be whole , it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.

At Boot Camp Moms we are committed to each other beyond being fit! 

    The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least! On Halloween my husband thought he was having a heart attack (he did not). At the hospital he went through a series of tests to have them come back abnormal. We were headed out of town for my birthday when we got a call from the cardiologist informing us he needed to be at the hospital on that Tuesday. We were told he had blockages, potentially have a stent. My husband is only 46 years old, how can this be possible already? Joe and I still went out of town, and figured we would deal with all of this when we got home. 
    We returned home Sunday to find my refrigerator full of food and groceries for the entire week. Kyle had informed everyone what was going on and had taken care of everything before I even got back. I came home to texts, emails, cards and calls on what did I need. Nikki and Lisa work at Wake Med where Joe was going to have his procedure done. Nikki was able to be put on Joe's case before we were even there. Tuesday morning we went in for his procedure, I was scared to death and felt so alone. As I sat in the room waiting for him to go, Nikki walks in with huge smiles and hugs telling me everything was ok. She would be with him the entire time. As I walked out to the waiting room, there was Lisa who sat by my side and give me updates. Lisa and I were waiting and here walks Kyle with coffee and sat with me the entire time. At that moment, that is when I realized we were all so much more than just a group of girls who exercise together. 
     We are a Community of Women who are there for each other all the time. We are all there for the good times,engagements, weddings, babies, weight loss, marathons, and so much MORE! We are also there for the bad. We all stood together when we found out Carrie had a brain tumor. Boot Camp Moms became a united army of women who stood together to push her up when she needed us. The fellow moms brought food, dinners, support and love to one of our girls who was going through the unimaginable, and she made it through like a ROCK STAR!
      Boot Camp Moms has so many more amazing individuals in the group. The one common thread among all of them is they are KIND, SWEET, AMAZING Girls. These women exercise HARD, Love with everything the got, and Laugh a ton. Below you will find a picture from mis matched workout day. Kyle and I are beyond blessed to have the privilege to train all of you! WE are committed to all of you on every level! We love y'all and thank you for everything you all do.

 "Was it you or I who stumbled first? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first, must help the other.” ― Vera Nazarian

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