Monday, June 24, 2013

Great workout for that beach vacation

This week at the beach I only brought 3 things to workout with.
A set of weights
A mat

I rented a beach cruiser and ride 2 hours a day... But I wanted some strength and HIT training also.
Yesterday my Sister and cousin hit the beach with me for an ocean front workout!

Warm up jog 5 minutes
1. Burpees 30 seconds

2. Tabata time...... 4 mins total 20 seconds hard/ 10 second recovery 8 times total

1. Push ups( after the first 4 you want to stop but push threw it)
2. Sprinting on the beach 20 seconds on/10 seconds off
3. Tabata Bicep curls
4.  Bicycle abs
5. Tricep kickbacks

HIT Training... 40 second hard/20 second recovery
 Burpee to a tuck jump
Elbow to knee crunches
Burpee with weights, (bupree down with weights come up and bicep curl to a full press)
Plank rocks( On elbows rock back and fourth)


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