Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Barre Sculpt !!! Insanity, Muscle, Barre Sculpt! Saturday 7am

Are you ready?

Boot Camp Moms is excited to hold a 90 minute class this Saturday.
 Our very own Jennifer Peters will be leading a 30 minute Barre Sculpt class. This is a great class for your inner thighs and abs.  You do not want to miss this class Saturday.

What is The Sculpt Barre?
The Sculpt Barre is an intense total body workout that sculpts long lean muscle and increases stamina and cardiovascular endurance. This is a vigorous no impact workout for all ages of adults. This workout efficiently sculpts a dancer's body and improves strength, posture and flexibility. Presented in an interval training format, The Sculpt Barre workout uses short sets of precise movements that will make you feel the burn and you will see amazing results. Each intense interval works muscles to fatigue and is followed up by a stretch to lengthen and stretch out your muscles.

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