Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And though she may be little she is fierce! Meet Becky

From working a full-time job to running kids to school functions and managing a household, moms hardly have a spare moment in their busy daily schedules. Even with hectic home and work situations, Becky found  time to live a healthy lifestyle -- not only to benefit herself, but her family as well. 
Now Becky has lost 30 lbs ! We asked Becky some questions about Boot Camp.

 what made you try boot camp?
I started running on the treadmill in fall 2012 when my daughter joined the girls on the run program at school. After we did the 5K, I started taking classes at the Finley YMCA in January 2013. By early summer, I had lost about 10 pounds. About that time, I saw a boot camp spotlight that was very motivating. Shortly after, several friends were going to boot camp one Saturday morning so I decided to give it a try. I was hesitate because "boot camp" sounded really hard, but it was a lot of fun which made the workout go by quickly.

 what could you not do before boot camp?
Push-ups. I'm still surprised every time I do push-ups in class.

what keeps you motivated to keep coming back?
The challenge. Jen and Kyle do a great job encouraging each person to get the most of their workout. They are motivating and supportive, and always seem to know the right time to compliment you and/or get you to step it up. Since joining boot camp, I've gained a lot more confidence and push myself much harder regardless of the workout. That's why I keep coming back...I know I'll challenge myself and get a good workout every time. It also helps that my friends go to boot camp too. I usually go to boot camp with at least one other person.

 what is your next goal at boot camp?
Run faster! I have asthma so running outside literally takes my breath away, but I've noticed that it's getting better since joining boot camp. I think the outside workouts and simply being healthier and in better shape have helped a lot. When we run, I focus on keeping my breathing under control so I can hopefully run longer and faster one day.

what do you like best about boot camp?
The variety and timing. I love that I never know what I'll be doing when I get to boot camp. The workout is different every single time, so you work different muscles each time and class goes by fast. The stations are my favorite. It's nice to have a mix of cardio, strength training, and core work in every workout. Also, the class days and times are perfect for me. I work full-time so I have to workout in the evenings and weekends, and around the kids' sports. The Saturday morning and Monday evening boot camp classes are part of my schedule every week. Unless out of town, there is no reason for me to miss it.

 how much have you lost?
I've lost around 30 pounds with 20 of those pounds lost since joining boot camp last summer. This has taken me back to my pre-baby weight (and my kids are 10 and 7!) I've also gone down 4 sizes, so shopping is a lot more fun now!

 what would you tell someone who is nervous about trying boot camp?
Go for it! Jen and Kyle alter the workout as needed, and you can go at your own pace. You will be surprised at how fast you will be able to do exercises that you could not do before or do them longer and faster, and then get better at it each week. And, once done, you will feel great! :-)

Make Yourself a Priority
Moms tend to put themselves at the bottom of the priority list, especially when kids are young.  You aren’t getting much sleep and it takes all of your energy to just make it through the day. Moms also can be hard on themselves emotionally and feel guilty about doing something for themselves. To be healthy, moms have to bust through these mental roadblocks and attitudes by making their health and fitness a priority, a commitment and a life-long dedication. Great job Becky !

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