Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Classy, Fabulous, and Strong Meet Serena

A women should be 3 things...
Classy, Fabulous, and STRONG! MEET SERENA

This is one tough momma! Serena is a mom of two adult kids that both got engaged this year. She was a women on a mission and she proved to all of us she rocks. At our Battle of Sexes she won the plank contest, and wall sit contest. Yes, that's right she beat the young men that were there.  Serena has a heart of gold and is beautiful on the outside and inside.We sat down with Serena and talked to her about her journey in fitness with Boot Camp Moms.....

1. What made you decide to start Boot Camp?
            I was first introduced to Boot Camp Moms through a trial offering that was provided at NRCC for the month of April 2013.  I was hesitant to go because I had not been working out regularly and figured it would be entirely too hard to keep up with since I wasn’t in shape.  It is called “Boot Camp” and to me that means “kick my butt” and I wasn’t sure I could withstand that and I didn’t want to fail. Still interested, I thought if I could get my daughter to go with me I would be more encouraged and have an accountability partner. Well after 1 class a week for 4 weeks, I realized it wasn’t just about 2 drill sergeants beating me up every week.  Instead it was 2 wonderful coaches, not sergeants, which recognized everyone was starting at a different level of fitness and they provided encouragement to each of us, as well as knowing when to push us, as individuals, to do a little more!
> 2. What keeps you motivated to keep coming back to boot camp?
            It’s soo much more than just showing up for an hour of exercise.  I love that we target more than one area of the body at the same time, so I feel like I’m accomplishing so much more in just one class.  There are certainly those days when “I’d rather go home after work” or “I’d rather sleep in on Saturday morning” but Kyle and Jen look for ways to make it exciting, fun and different. They offer contests, team challenges, healthy snacks, Bootcamp “Girl’s night out”, Battle of the Sexes with our spouses – BTW – the women of BOOT CAMP dominated the guys!  At Halloween we had to run holding pumpkins over our heads and at Christmas we did a pyramid of “Twelve Days of Christmas BootCamp” What a fun way to turn something that can be repetitive into something fun and beneficial. I’ve met so many wonderful new friends that are there for the same reason I am, and have encouraged me along the way, and just when you wonder if it’s all worth it, someone will tell you have wonderful you look!!!!
 > 3. What can you do now that you could not do before at Boot Camp?
            I don’t think I realized just how weak my upper body was until I joined Boot Camp and had to do push-ups! WOW – how that’s changed! Not only was it push-ups, but so many other things we do at BC require that upper strength as well – Burpies, Donkey kicks, Mountain Climbers. My cardio has improved tremendously as well!  I can wear jeans that I’ve held onto with hopes that “one day” I will wear these again – and I have!!!  You have to believe that as scary or as difficult as “BOOT CAMP” may sound, with Jen and Kyle you will accomplish goals beyond your imagination.  Regardless of your age! 
> 4 We love that you and daughter workout together, what makes it so special to the two of you?
            My kids are young adults now so I cherish any time I can spend with them. My daughter, Matney, has always been energetic and active and was a dance major in college, so I initially asked her if she was interested in going with me back in April when I did the one month trial.  She did and it was so encouraging to have her there.  Once I signed up directly with Boot Camp Moms she wanted to continue going as well.  Not only is she an inspiration, we have fun doing something we both love and it gives me the opportunity to spend additional time with her.  There are many times I make it to Boot Camp and her schedule doesn’t allow, but she continues to encourage me and tell me how great I’m doing!  And now when she comes, I think there is a little motivation for both of us – because she doesn’t want to stop if her “mom” can keep going, and I want to show her how much stronger I have become. A little bit of healthy competition, I suppose!  

Serena is not only strong on the outside but her inner strength shines at each boot camp. Keep up the great work!

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