Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday's workout starts with loving yourself!

Here is your Workout for today!

Body confidence starts with self love

Up to 80% of women are unhappy with what they see in the mirror, according to theMirror, Mirror report, published by the Social Issues Research Centre. Worryingly, a recent review of research by the Centre for Appearance Research also shows that mothers who are dissatisfied with their own bodies are more likely to have daughters who also have body dissatisfaction.
So as you do your workout today, before you start tell your self why you are fabulous! At the end of the workout say it again!

Wednesdays Workout

1 minute-  Squats
1 minute- Squat Hammer Curl
1 minute- Front Lunge
1 minute- Front Lunge with a Hammer Curl
1 minute- High Knees
1 minute- Push up
1 minute- Push up to a T raise
1 minute- Chest Fly
1 minute Chest fly with leg drop ( as you fly your arms up with weights legs come up and drop down slow)
1 minute- Mountain climb
1 minute- Swing ( one weight)
1 minute- Burpee then add a swing as you come up
1 minute- Triceps Ext
1 minute- Wide Squat with Triceps Ext.

Repeat workout.. 30 seconds each exercise!

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