Saturday, September 7, 2013

Strong Women have Muscles....Meet Lisa

This month we spotlight Lisa. Talk about a power house, Lisa never stops working hard. Yes, we all have bad days and dont want to give 100 percent at our workout, but you would never know by watching Lisa. She gives 110% each time. When we see Lisa we think STONG IS THE NEW SEXY!!!!

What can you do now that you could not do before?
I can run long distances, do boot camp and TRX all in the same week!!  I can use 10 pound weights during boot camp and do many burpees. 
What are you most proud of since joining boot camp?
I feel better about myself and my muscles are more defined.  I eat better and I have lost weight.
What do you like the most about boot camp?
I get to exercise with friends (even though I am in the zone when I am working out).  Also, there are all different levels of exercisers and I always strive to be my best and keep up with those ahead of me.  Every class is a challenge and you never know what is in store.
What do you like about having two instructors?
 Two pairs of eyes, so that your form can be corrected.  Also, you know that you can't be a slacker because one of you is always watching!  Keeps me on track and motivated.
How much have you lost, how has your endurance increased?
  I have lost 8-10 pounds and 2 pant sizes.  Boot camp has helped me gain muscle that I would not have gained solely by running.  My stamina has increased dramatically. 
It is a great work out for people of all abilities, whether you are just trying to get back into exercising or you have been exercising for a while.  You work at your level and challenge yourself.  I would love to have you come with me, plus the first class is free! 
Kyle and Jen- you are amazing at what you do.  You keep me going, even when I think I can't do anymore.  You love what you do and it shows.  Thank you!!

Come out to Boot Camp and have your own story one day! Thanks Lisa you are a rock star and we are soo proud of you.

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