Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saturday at Home Boot Camp

Since we are away we leave you with this great workout!

Grab and friend and do it.

You need a set of weights and a mat

1. Warm up  3 mins

2. Squat 24/ Squat Jump 24/ Squat jump with weight 24

3. Lay on back Chest Press 24/ Lift Hips and chest press 24/ Now press weights as you lift your legs up and down 24

4.  Rows( In a plank or on knees) tuck your butt and row one weight at a time 24 times/ Now row and triceps extension 24 times/ Now burpee with your weights and row 24

5. Lunge with weights 24/ Curtsey Lunge 24/  Lunge and Press 24

6. High Knees 24/ High Knees with weight 24/ Tuck jumps 24

7. Plank rock 24/ Plank punch 24/ Plank Jack 24

8. R. Crunch 24/ Elbow Knee Crunch 24/ R. Crunch with a leg drop 24

9. Burpee 24/ Burpee push up 24/ Burpee 24

10. Curl 24/ Hammer Curl 24/ Side Curl to a hammer curl 24

Enjoy.. We will miss you!

1 comment:

  1. Have an awesome time! See you when you get back and I'll be prepared for a bit of bootie kicking!