Friday, February 15, 2013

Spotlight on Beth Wells

All of Boot Camp Moms has noticed how GREAT Beth looks and how fast and strong she has become!

We recently sat down with Beth to ask what her secret is.  We first asked how much weight she has lost, and what she is doing in addition to Boot Camp?
"I have lost over 50 lbs and I do boot camp 2-3 times a week, zumba and yoga.  I do not believe in the "D" word because then I just obsess about food.  Instead I have just modified my eating habits.  I love fresh fruits and veggies from the local farmers market, have cut my portions and when I want dessert I split one with a friend."

We then asked her what she can do now that she could not before?
Beth told us she has run a 4 mile race as well as a 5k! She also said, she needed to modify all the Boot Camp exercises when she first started. Now, she can finish the reps and only needs to modify sometimes. She is so glad she joined boot camp and exclaimed, "I look and feel GREAT!" 

What keeps you motivated and coming to boot camp?
"I was going to the gym for over 9 months and was not losing weight.  Once I started coming to Boot Camp my body really started changing and my confidence has tremendously increased! I LOVE the energy I have afterwards and how body shape is changing." 
"I also love that there are two trainers, their styles are so different and they motivate in such different ways.  Some days I need someone to yell at me and other days I need positive reinforcement." .... (wonder which one is which, hahaha)

What we love most about Beth's story is she did everything the right way.  She exercises regularly, watches what she eats and indulges from time to time as well.  She has developed a great balance for herself and she is GLOWING!

Beth, we are so proud of you! You have literally changed right in front of our eyes. You are so fast, strong and fit now! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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