Monday, February 11, 2013

Carries Blog update on her Tumor. This is why we love our rock star boot camp mom!!!

The friendships and relationships we develop with the girls at boot camp is by far the best part of our time together. Not only do we get to help people develop physically, but we learn each other's personal stories and get to share life together. Most of the time this involves fun and laughter, but sometimes we also share in heartaches. The good news is we get to share those experiences together, rather than someone having to do it alone.

Last week one of your favorite girls, Carrie, found out that she needs surgery for a brain tumor the doctors were monitoring. With a husband and three children under the age of six, Carrie already has a lot that could stress her. This significant health concern would send a lot of us over the edge, but not Carrie.

Just take a look at Carrie's blog at the link below and you can see a glimpse of her personality and spirit. She is keeping folks up-to-date via the blog, but she may not realize that she is inspiring others to be strong with her courage.

We have been fortunate enough to witness this emotional strength in addition to her amazing physical conditioning each time Carrie joins us for a class. All the girls love her and we pray for her and her family through this process. However, we also want to thank Carrie for continuing to make us laugh and inspiring all of us to be brave and maintain a joyous spirit no matter the circumstances.

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