Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild Weather Week Workout

Wild Weather Week Workout!!!
Whether you can't make it outside to workout, or your kids school got delayed again!! We have a workout you can do inside your house!!! Tabata is a high intensity workout!! You will have 8 rounds of the same excercise for 20 seconds with 10 second recovery. You will complete 6 different exercises . We promise a high calorie burning workout completed in 24 minutes then add on 7 minutes of abs. ENJOY
Modification (M) For anyone that needs a differnet exercise

Tabata 20 second /10 second recovery 8 times
Round 1
Squat Thrust with Push up/ 8 punches   Modification High Knees
( Squat Thrust with push up aka Burpee come up and punch for 8 repeat)

Round 2
Mountain climb 4, Spinder man 4, Plank Jacks 4 (M) Mountain Climb

Round 3
Squat to a side kick
( Squat low as you come up kick with foot flexed kick to the right then left)

Round 4
Crab kickout for 8/ R. Crunch 8  (M) R. Crunches
( Get into a kick out postion and kicks legs straight up/ then lay on you back and lift you glutes off the ground to a R. Crunch.. Don't rock lift please)

Round 5
Figure Eights (M) Lunges
(Grab a weight or ball, squat low with shoulders back, don't bend over and thread the weight thru your legs making a figure eight)

Round 6
Squat Thurst wide to Tuck Jump (M) Jumping Jacks 
(Bring your legs wide when you jump out, come back up fast and explode to a Tuck jump)

Abs. 7  Mins.
60 Second plank,50 Second Bicycle,40 Second Reach Threw legs,30 Second Side plank (R side) leg abduction,20 Second Sitted Tucks, 10 second cross leg sit up( Indian style legs and roll up try to keep legs on the ground)
Repeat abs this time side plank on left

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