Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridal Boot Camp

After her weight loss
Boot Camp Moms newest division.....
Bridal Boot Camp!!   Angie recently got married and looked AMAZING!! Kyle and I sat down with her to ask her about how she got there. She went on to tell us Boot Camp helped me to accomplish being happy with my body on my wedding day...especially my arms. Angie joined Boot Camp Moms right after getting engaged.  She wanted to get in shape and toned for her upcoming wedding while having a great workout.  Her workout routine had become a standard elliptical routine and was not producing the results she wanted. Angie heard about Boot Camp Moms through her friend Cheryl and figured she would give it a try. Since joining Boot Camp Moms, Angie can do numerous push up, burpies and run like the wind. Angie  is so dedicated and always pushes herself during all of our classes, in fact a week prior to her wedding she had asked for us for workouts she could do on her own while up North just days before her wedding.  She even did one of our workouts the day before her WEDDING!!! Now that is dedication. We asked her what does she like best about boot camp? " I like the interval style and how cardio and muscle are incorporated in every workout." Angie then went on to tell us she loves the energy and encouragement of all of the boot campers. All of our fellow boot campers have noticed how GREAT you look Angie...she went from a size 6 to a 00!!!! Angie you are inspiring to us all, your hard work,  and great attitude is contagious!  Thank you for being part of Boot Camp Brides your the BEST!! Jen and Kyle
Before Bridal Boot Camp

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