Friday, August 19, 2011

Boot Camp Moms Spotlight this month is on Timmie Archer!!

We are so proud of one of our Boot Camp Moms...Timmie Archer.  She has reached a HUGE milestone! Over the past 8 months she has lost 65lbs!  We recently sat down with her to find out the secret to her success.  We asked what made you want to lose the weight? She told us it was around Thanksgiving last year and she had heard that people typically gain around 12 lbs over the holiday season.  If that scenario happened to her it would push her up to 200lbs.  That was not what she wanted to happen, she knew right then and there she was going to change her fate.  Timmie started counting calories with a  Lose It Application on her phone.  She went on to add in exercise and saw how creating a balance of diet and exercise creates RESULTS!! Timmie is at Boot Camp each week, and has really made her journey a complete lifestyle change.  Timmie we are so PROUD of you!! We love working out with you each week, and how you make us laugh!! Keep up the Great Work and your Will to Win Attitude.                
Timmy Today!!!
Before her weight loss

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