Friday, May 20, 2011

Spotlight on one of our Shining Stars!!

Boot Camp Moms is so proud of on our girls, she is the lucky winner of our "Spotlight" this month.  Shannon Parker recently moved here from Alabama, is a working mother of two adorable little girls under 3, and works out with Boot Camp Moms twice a week.  Not to mention she has recently completed the USMC Mud Run in SC, and is participating in the Rambling Rose Tri this weekend...WOW!!

We recently sat down with her and asked what keeps you motivated? She told us "You just got to do it!  Sitting on the couch does not get you anywhere and does not make you a role model for your children."  Shannon loves to look back and say WOW, I did that.  It gives her a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

We also asked how do you fit your workouts in? She told us that her and husband have an agreement.  He watches the kids so she can workout and vice versa.  She said having her workouts scheduled really keeps her on track.  She added, working out gives her a little "her" time which is great, and she gets to workout outside with her fellow boot camp mom friends. 

Shannon wanted to let anyone out there who is considering starting Boot Camp that it has been great for her.  She was just running and was at a baby weight loss stand still.  Doing Boot Camp has made all the difference.

Shannon, you are inspiring to us!! Go KICK SOME TAIL this weekend in the TRI!! WE LOVE WORKING OUT WITH YOU!! Thanks for making our job a blast everyday!! Jen and Kyle

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