Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meet Lisa , She runs like a girl, now boys try to keep up!

   Lisa is our Spotlight for this month. 

   We met Lisa when she was 6 months pregnant. Yep, she joined boot camp at 6 months pregnant. We love this about her. She is a former college athlete and a bada$$ chick. Lisa is the fastest runner I know, and still to this day my goal is beat her in a sprint.
   During her pregnancy she kept running and going to boot camp til she gave birth. Lisa came to Boot Camp on a Tuesday night and ran sprints and did the whole workout. The next day she gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. We love her at Boot Camp Moms because she always gives 100%. Lisa is not only a mom, but a nurse. Last week she got called in and worked all night and showed up for class at 7 30am that next morning. She never went to bed just came right to workout from the job. She has that "Wow Factor" we all strive to find. We asked Lisa a few questions about Boot Camp and why she joined.

What made you decide to come to Boot Camp?
1. Lisa Fiander had been trying to get me to go to boot camp for months but it wasn't until I got pregnant and really wanted to be strong and healthy during my pregnancy that I decided to try it.

What do you like best about the classes?
2. I love boot camp because it's so much fun and there's no pressure.  It's a group of women who are there to have a good time and get fit, no judgement, only encouragement.   I've met so many awesome women, especially Jenn and Kyle, I know that the two of them truly have my back and would drop anything to help me if I truly needed it.  I also love feeling strong and fit.

What's your favorite exercise?
3. I like exercises that involve activities like jumping, it doesn't feel as much like working out that way.
You were pregnant when you joined, can you share why its important to stay in shape during pregnancy?
4.  Pregnancy is like anything else in life, it is always easier when you are in good shape.  Not only does being in shape pregnancy easier but it also helps with labor and your recovery.  As a labor and delivery nurse I've seen first hand how physically demanding having a baby is and  I wanted to be as prepared as possible for that.  Being in shape during my pregnancy also really helped me to get back into shape afterwards.

What would you tell someone that is nervous about trying Boot Camp?
5. Know that it's going to be hard but it will get better.  I've been coming to boot camp for over a year and a half and I still have to stop and take breaks but there is so much I can do now that I couldn't do before and that is what keeps me motivated.

Keep up the great work Lisa K. You are a rock-star!
Kyle and Jen

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