Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Karen- A retired New York City Cop ( Thats one bad hot Mama

Meet Karen!
Karen is a retired New York City Cop. Yes, she is one bad hot Mama. This mother of two kids retired after  moving down south for her husbands job. Karen's daughter is now going into the police academy . (How cool is that). Karen was always in shape working as a cop, but after moving she found she was gaining weight. She saw a flyer posted and three years later is still with us! Karen has a heart of gold ,and loves not only the fitness part of Boot Camp, but the community part too.Karen has become a great friend to all of us. Her children are 17 and 22 so she gives us new moms advice. We are so proud of Karen being our spotlight for July. This New York City girl came  into our lives and we are so blessed to have her as a Boot Camp Mom. ( Did I mention she was a cop) Karen we look up to you and thank you for your years of service in the police force and keeping America safe. We thank you for committing to stay fit and fabulous. Karen this quote is for you!

What made you try Boot Camp?
 I saw a flyer on a post when I was out walking one day. Im not much of a joiner when it comes to these things but I was drawn to their concept.
What can you do now that you could not do 2 years ago? I could not run much(really I hated it) but now I dont mind it.  ( I am going regret that statement)

How do the Boot Camp classes help you? 
They have made me feel so much stronger physically and mentally!!
What do like most about going to classes?
 Besides getting healthy I love the friends that Ive made and I know that with Kyle and Jen I have made friends for life!! Class is fun and challenging because Kyle and Jen are always coming up with new things for us to do!
How much weight have you lost?

I have lost about 28 pounds!!  But the best thing is that i have regained my confidence!!
What would you tell someone thinking about coming to boot camp?
 Just do it!!  I promise you it will become part of your life!  Not only the exercise but the people!!

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