Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Years Resolution starting to slip away? We can help you.

Yes, You make great goals and by March you slip back into your old habits. Boot Camp moms wants to help this year! We are running a challenge to keep you motived. Each week prizes will be given out, free classes, and money! Everyone will walk away a winner.

March 1st is WEIGH in for the SPRING BREAK SLIM DOWN, everyone is welcome you do not need to be a Boot Camp Mom member.  $10 per person all the money goes in a pool 100% of the money goes to the winners.
1st place 60%
2nd place 30%
3rd place 10%

During challenge recipes, tips from a registered dietitian, workouts, email support from us and so much more included (FREE!!!) Grab a friend and Do it together!

Second Weigh in April 5th and Final Weigh in May 3rd and Winners declared
You do not have to be a Boot Camp Mom member to enter. All you must do is weigh in 3 times with us. March 1st, April 5th, and May 3rd at Leesville Bapist Church between
7am- 7 20am before class starts. If you can not make the first weigh in ,but would like to attend please contact us to set up another time this coming week.

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