Saturday, May 18, 2013

Silly Boys, Boot Camp is for Girls (Meet Shannon)

Shannon is our spot light for the month. She started Boot Camp about 18 months ago and soon found out she was pregnant with her third. Most people would stop, not this hard working woman. Even with two girls under 5, she kept working out until she was 8.5 months along. Then, just 5 weeks after her third little girl was born she came back. 

Shannon is always smiling, works hard, and helps push everyone else. She has a strong determination to keep going ... even when she is tired from mid-night feedings. She is stronger then ever, and we are so proud of her.

1.  What made you join boot camp?  I needed to lose the baby weight after my second pregnancy and have never been a fan of the gym. I knew I would need someone to hold me accountable and boot camp does that for me.  
2. What can you do now that you could not do before you started boot camp?  A lot! I don't think I realized just out of shape I was (even when I was thin).  I am so much stronger than I ever was.  I can do push ups, hold a plank, and most recently, do a side plank.  I am consistently coming home and telling my husband that I did something I couldn't do before. It's awesome!
3. How soon did you come back to boot camp after your last pregnancy?  How did boot camp help with your last pregnancy? After my third pregnancy, I came back to boot camp five weeks after delivery.  With my first two pregnancies, I gained almost 50 pounds and was not active at all. This last pregnancy, I only gained 25 lbs.  Boot Camp kept me active and feeling great. I slept better.  I had less aches and pains.  I could chase around my toddler and keep up with my first grader. I lost the weight quickly because I didn't gain a lot of excess weight.  
4. What do you like most about boot camp?  I like the variety. Every class is different. The women are so supportive and wonderful.  
5. What is your favorite part of boot camp?  When it's over! I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment with every workout that I complete. I leave feeling great about what I was able to do that I couldn't do before. There is that feeling of accomplishment every single time I go to Boot Camp.  
6. What is your biggest accomplishment at boot camp?  I think my biggest accomplishment has been the commitment to myself to get fit.  Jen and Kyle have made it so that I want to exercise. I want to be healthy and fit. If I had joined a gym, I most likely wouldn't still be going. Jen and Kyle and this group of women have something that just makes me want to do it and I see the results with every workout.  
7. What do you like about having jen and kyle as instructors?  They are constantly challenging us and our bodies to do more. Jen and Kyle keep me motivated. They know their stuff when it comes to exercise and get results.
8. if someone was hesitant to joining boot camp what would you tell them?  Just do it! The wonderful thing about it is that you start where you are at your level of fitness and you build on that with every workout. It's tough but also amazing.  The sense of accomplishment you get after a workout is addictive.

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