Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here is a update on Carrie Rogers. A mother of 3 boys and recently had a brain tumor removed. She has been with our Boot Camp moms for almost two years now! We plan to do the

How long have you been doing Boot Camp
 2 years in August. 
Why Boot Camp
 I wanted a group workout setting that did not include a giant membership fee .

How has Boot Camp helped you physically and mentally.
 Physically exercise helps keep my body conditioned for challenges. Mentally, it helps me focus and think clearer.  It gives my brain a chance to turn off and stop running 8000 miles an hour.  I tend to try to put my stress into my workout, if I feel tired I think of all the things that bother me and use them as motivation to work harder.  

You found out about your brain tumor a year ago, how has boot camp helped you?
 What else would I do? Sit around and mope? I can't do that, I couldn't be who I want to be.  When we found out about this tumor February 2012.  I decided that if it ever became a concern and needed surgery etc.  I wanted to make sure I have everything in my favor.  I can't change anything about the tumor but I can make sure I live an active healthy lifestyle. What I can help do is make sure the overall health of my body is good. That way it should be better able to handle whatever may be thrown at me.  
 It's the only option.  I can't sit around and cry.  It won't do any good.  I can't be angry, yell and throw a fit.  It won't change anything.  I can't sit in a dark room and be a lump.  That won't get me through a day.  The only option is to Believe and have Faith in the challenges we are given to face.  We face challenges to learn and grow from them not to hide from them.  I never could of imagined 2 years ago what a great group of people we were meeting. 

Carrie you are one of the strongest person we know, we love you and wish for a speedy recovery,
you can find out more how Carrie is doing since her Craniotomy on her blog.

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