Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ali Spotlight Jan 2013

January Spotlight 2013

Boot Camp Moms spotlight is shining bright on Ali this month she looks amazing and it is not just her newlywed glow!! We recently sat down and asked her what is her secret and what could she share with the group. She told us she had always been a runner but one night with some friends she was telling them how she needed to change her workout regime and her body needed to be challenged.  A few of her friends had told her about Boot Camp Moms and told her she would be hooked if she tried it!! Since joining Boot Camp Moms Ali has lost over 20lbs,  can do more push ups than she ever imagined, is lifting heavier weights than she ever dreamed of and her core is the strongest it has ever been!  We asked her, what makes you keep coming back? She told us she loves that we are telling her what to do and she is seeing direct results because of it!  Ali went on to say that she LOVES that every workout is different and she loves how sore she is after class.  She also went on to say anyone who is nervous about trying Boot Camp, just try it you will love it as soon as you do and will feel welcome from the first moment you are there.  She has reached so many personal milestones one of them being a personal record on a race and there are so many more! Ali is so passionate about working out she went on to become AFAA certified (like Jen and Kyle).  She is teaching a boot camp class on her own and she made her class schedule around Boot Camp Moms so she can still get her workout in!! Now that is Commitment!!!  Honestly that is one of the things we are most proud of with Ali, she is helping change other peoples lives and getting them healthy while making sure she gets to workout too! Ali, you are an absolute delight to train and we are so thankful for you as well as PROUD!! Rock on with your bad self Mrs. Q!!  xoxo jen and kyle

Boot Camp Moms Wish for everyone this year is that they put THEMSELVES on their to do list.  When we take time to make sure we are healthy and the best we can be, everything else falls into place.  Commit to Be Fit With All Of US!!!

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