Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Spotlight

Mother/Daughter Duo, Rocks Boot Camp

When most people are looking to get into a workout routine they usually look for a friend, co-worker or neighbor to join them.  Our dynamic duo looked right to their family!! Carrie and Stephanie are two of Boot Camp Moms BEST!!  Carrie is a wife and mother of 3 young boys and Stephanie is a mother, grandmother and hard working woman.They come to workout with us 3 times a week are always smiling and continue to work harder and harder!! Kyle and I recently sat down with them and asked them what motivates them. We asked them what is special and unique about working out with each other?  Carrie said, "We are accountablity partners.  We rely on each other to be there as well as encourage each other to come, plus....we know where each other lives haha." Stephanie simply said..." We just love that we are a mother and daughter team working out." When asked about what changes have you both noticed since joining?  Carrie said "It is a GREAT way to cope with stress!" Stephanie said " She is continuing to notice she is much more toned and she is going into her 60's looking good."  We asked them what keeps them motivated to keep coming they both agreed they feel great after every workout! We also asked them to please explain what they liked most about Boot Camp Moms.  They both said " It is great working out with such a wonderful group of ladies.  There is never any judement, in fact no one is ever looking at you they are just trying to catch their own breath (ha ha kyle and I love that). They went on to say, " Kyle and Jen really compliment each other making the classe very hard while pushing everyone to their best while still allowing the classes to have a family like atmosphere with a lot of fun and laughter!" Stephanie went on to say " No one should ever be nervous to try boot camp!  If she can do it anyone can and now she can run faster and do push ups!!"  Honesty, this is what Kyle and I LOVE most about these two fabulous ladies!! It does not matter if you are coming to workout for the first time in 5 years or are an experienced athlete, Boot Camp Moms has a place for EVERYONE to reach their personal best!! With a a commitment to be fit, a lot of hard work and a ton of FUN!!  Carrie and Stephanie, thank you so much for working out with us!! The two of you inspire us and we are so proud of you!! Keep up the good work!! jen and kyle

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