Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Shining Star

Boot Camp Moms spotlight is shining down on Lora this month!! We have seen such a dramatic improvement in her abilities lately, we had to share her story with all of our fellow boot campers!! When she was asked what does she like most about boot camp, Lora said "she loves that each class is unique. Kyle and Jen do such an awesome job keeping things fresh and fun." Lora joined boot camp because she wanted to tone up and increase her endurance.  Now she can hold a plank longer, do more push ups than she ever imagined, run faster, and her stamina has gone through the roof!! She then went on to tell us that initially she was nervous to join boot camp, but immediately felt very comfortable with the group and there is never a time when she is not having fun. We asked Lora what keeps you so motivated each week?  She said, "My kids!  I want them to see me living a healthy lifestyle and have the energy to keep up with them." Lora remarked that she tells her friends and family that boot camp was exactly what she needed.  She loves working out in a group setting that is so supportive.

Lora is a Rock Star!! We have been blown away by her lately.  She continually pushes herself harder and harder and has a "Will to Win" attitude all the time!! Great job Lora!!!

We are so thankful for you...Kyle and Jen

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